domingo, 13 de março de 2011


Saturday night:

Our not-that-young-anymore hero is writing for hours and hours... 10 more minutes and he will be done for the day.

The fire alarm goes on. 1 minute. It stops. And it starts again... After 5 minutes all the neighbours are walking around the building trying to understand what is happening. The noise is really annoying...

10 minutes. The girl from flat 5 opens her door. A thick white smoke comes out of her apartment. She was baking a birthday cake. To herself! Bad idea, bad luck...

The neighbours look around and then they realise that they have never seen each other before! A wave of "Hi! My name is..." goes around the room and it seems funny to believe that they needed a fire alarm to get together!

Our very-tired-after-a-stressful-week hero thinks: - Yes... Time to go back to my assignment.


An improbable breeze shuts the door! Now they are both there: locked outside wearing shorts and t-shirts. "Oh no! I'm bare feet!". The noisy and lovely neighbours from flat 3 offer shelter to our it-is-not-really-happening-to-me couple. They are playing vinyl records! While the beloved and angry partner tries a gym tonic, our why-do-these-things-always-happen-to-me hero goes upstairs with a delirious neighbour who is sure that them can open the door using a credit card. Yes, she saw that on TV. The other option is to walk 5 blocks until a friend's house, get the cleaner number, call her and ask if she can get a cab and come over. Waiting for hours in the corridor. Or drinking gym tonic listening to vinyl records... Delirious neighbour number two comes out with a hammer. There is a small window on the door. Broken glass everywhere... but the door is open!

For half an hour our does-he-want-to-kill-me hero sweep and hoover the floor. He thinks:

10 more minutes and I would had finished that assignment...

sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

ou eu ou sonho

eu vou lavar aquela louça, sim. assim que eu voltar para o nosso planeta.
mas não consigo, acordo num sonho, e acordo noutro sonho,
e assim vou acordando em outro e outro e outro, ou eu...